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The school bank was established in 1978 and has been in operation ever since. The aim of the bank is to educate students on the importance of saving their money. Banks play an extremely important part in people's lives so it's great when young people are introduced to banking while they are in secondary school. The bank is run by a teacher and a team of 10 enthusiastic 5th year business students who work in the bank on a rota basis. The bank is open to students during lunchtimes.. The team enjoy the banking atmosphere and the responsibility that goes with it. Those who open a bank account are given their own bankbook with the Ursuline Crest on it.

The main reasons for setting up the school bank are:

To give business students practical business experience,

Students can save for school trips and holidays.

Accounts for school clubs and organisations can be held in the school bank

Loans can be given to new clubs to help them get established or existing clubs.

It is good to get students into the habit of saving as it teaches them discipline

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