The Ursuline Trustees delegate to the Board of Management the responsibility for implementing its philosophy.

The Board endeavours to ensure that::

  • A Catholic ethos prevails where all the partners in the educative process work together for the general good
  • Professional standards of education and management exist at all levels
  • Appointments of all staff are made in accordance with agreed procedures and in the best interests of all
  • The Curriculum is fully implemented in the context of the Ursuline ethos
  • Effective channels of communication exist between management and staff and the other partners.

Within the school context the Board of Management has ultimate responsibilty for all serious matters of discipline, not withstanding the normal causes of appeal.

The day-to-day management of the school is delegated to the Principal.

The Board is responsible for the financial administration and maintenance of the school within the agreed guidelines.

No significant change in policy regarding the school shall be made without the approval of the Trustees.

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