"I ask you to please try to bring them up with love, with a gentle and kindly hand"

Ursuline educators recognise that parents are the primary educators of their children. As the whole education process is a partnership, co-operation between home and school is vital. Parents are encouraged and expected to support the aims and philosophy of Ursuline education. The school will offer opportunities for open communication so that both parents and school work together for the holistic development of the student.

Parents play a very important role in the life of the school. There is a Parents Association, which elects the parents' Advisory Committee at its A.G.M. at the beginning of each school year. This committee meets regularly to organize fund-raising and discuss matters in relation to education policy, and is the consultative forum for the parent body. Parents elect two representatives as members of the Board of Management. The Board is elected every three years.

Parent/Teacher meetings take place once a year for each year group. These are vital contacts between the home and the school, and between parents and teachers. Parents should make attendance at these a priority.

Other meetings are organised at various times for particular groups, e.g. parents of in-coming pupils, First Year parents, Third Year parents on Transition Year, Transition Year parents, Sixth Year parents on Careers etc.

If parents are concerned at any time about their child's progress, they may contact the Principal or Deputy, who will discuss the anxiety and get a special report for the student's teachers. If a parent wishes to meet the student's subject teacher(s), the parent should make an appointment through the General Office.

Parents who are experiencing difficulty paying for books, examinations or other school-related costs, may contact the Principal to discuss the matter.

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