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When we say St Angela's, when we hear it said, we have an idea of what that means. Sometimes we have a visual concept – we see the red jumper, the grey skirt, we see hundreds and hundreds of girls coming and going to this place called St Angela's School. Others of us may be past pupils and if that is the case we have very definite images of the place and particularly of the people, very often the nuns, who have created St Angela's. There are also other perceptions of St Angela's School, not just in Waterford itself, but in a much wider community. These perceptions are based on the fact that generations of girls, as women, have taken their place in communities close to us, in communities long-distant from us. These students have carried with them insights and realisations which were formed and facilitated at St Angela's.

If we were to count up the numbers of girls who spent their formative years here with us we would scarcely believe the actual numbers. Because of those girls who have taken their places within our societies and our communities with great aplomb, with style, confidence and an unerring sense of the decent thing to do is when judgements are to be made. What it means to carry that sense of the Ursuline with you; to carry it almost unconsciously, because it has become second nature to you when you have spent 6 years here working with people who try to nurture all that is good and all that is positive in what we mean by providing an education for your daughters.

St Angela was an extraordinary woman – I never tire of saying this – and all the women who followed her and followed in her footsteps were also extraordinary women.

We would really like you to consider St Angela's School for your daughter's education. We know it is a major decision for you and for her – it is a decision which will shape much of her future. It is a decision which allows her to grow into her formative time knowing that St Angela's commands a respect for the calibre of the people who have worked here, who continue to work here, who subscribe to the notion that each girl is unique, has her own pace in approaching life, has her own wonderful talents, her skills and enthusiasms.

We believe that education – despite all the attempts to diminish it, constrict it in the political arena – is much wider than mere instruction. We believe that examinations, tests, assignments, projects –all very necessary and all a reality of our system- but they are only part of the engagement, they are only part of the formation. We believe too that every girl has depths of emotional intelligence, has spiritual and creative needs; we hope we can meet those needs and those realities.

We know especially that we are as good as our girls make us. The girls who will begin their studies with us, by virtue of their engagement, their brightness and their eagerness, will carry the idea and the reality of St Angela's into the next hundreds of years.

Edel Connolly


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