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 - The Ursuline Order - Ursuline School Thurles - Staff Email - Search Engine - The Web Guide for Kids!/ - KidsClick! Web Search - Webmail - Eircom - Department of Education and Science - State Examinations Commission - Second Level Support Service (SLSS) - Junior Certificate School Programme - National Council for Curriculum and Assessment - National Centre for Technology in Education - Subject Association Representative Group - European Shoolnet - Online lessons and exam notes for many subjects. - TeachNet - For teachers, by teachers - lesson plans, teacher notes and online lessons. - Ask Jeeves Kids - Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory - Puzzlemaker - Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists. - Literacy & Numeracy for Learning & Life 2011-2020 - Hot Potatoes - Create activities, quizzes, games, web pages, surveys, and more


Learning Support Click here for websites
Information Technology - Computer Education Society of Ireland - Information & Communication Technology.


Business Subjects

 - Business Studies Teachers' Association of Ireland - Irish Banks Information Service - Links to 'Paymaster 11' and other resources. - Its your money - Business Studies Interactive


Enterprise - Spirit of Enterprise - Student Enterprise Awards - Junior Achievement Chocolate bars and wristbands on behalf of the hope foundation website for starting and running your mini company manual for running of the company some ideas this school had: Calendars, smoothies, cupcakes, hair accessories.

Mini Company Ideas | - The Small Business Game is an online interactive simulation that gives your students the experience of running their own sports shop. - Ideas for a business - Top 10 business ideas & opportunities for 2010 - North Cork Enterprise Board - TY Minicompany - TY Minicompany – Ideas



Click here for LCVP links

Business - Irish Times Business 2000


French (up to date news about Ireland in French) (Daily news for 8-14 years old in French with short video links ) (Links to grammar ,oral questions ,quizzes,jokes and trivia ) - French Teachers' Association (A portal site for aural and written work) (A series of games for vocabulary and verb tenses) (A site for young people by young people) (Comprehension exercises) (Several exercises about a trip to Paris) (GCSE games ) (news items daily also news about singers, sports and unusual items) (news items for young people) Interactive Lessons

Liberte toujours - Powerpoint Presentation


Guidance & Counselling - Institute of Guidance Counsellors


Spanish - Association of Teachers of Spanish in Ireland /


Leaving Certificate Applied - Leaving Certificate Applied Programme - Information & Communications Technology


Music - Post-Primary Music Teachers' Association


German - German Teachers' Association of Ireland



Click Here - Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland


Maths - Irish Mathematics Teachers' Association -


History - History Teachers' Association of Ireland


Science - Irish Science Teacher's Association - Junior Science Support Service - -

Main Page for Investigations

Teachers document : Carry out an investigation

Very good page for investigation – read before doing investigation and filling out forms

Investigations guide

Marks allocation for Investigation

Mind map


Biology - Biology Support Service


Physics - Physical Science Initiative


Chemistry - Chemistry Support Service


Transition Year - Transition Support Service - Transition Year Curriculum Support Service


Gaeilge - Comhar na Múinteoirí Gaeilge - (National Irish newspaper site) - (Daily news items, weather, sport etc.) - (Information on Seachtain na Gaeilge nationwide including activites etc.) - (Series of worksheets based on Nuacht TG4) - (Online magazine containing topical articles) - (Online dictionary) - (Stories, proverbs, games, grammar and more) - (teaching resources and support services) - (information on all organisations associated with An Ghaeilge) - (online magazine in Irish) - (podcasts, news and chart hits) - (online certified course) - (online course from the well known comedian)



Click here - Association of CSPE Teachers - CSPE Support Service


English - English Support Service

English - Senior Cycle

English - Junior Cycle


Art - Art Teachers' Association of Ireland


Home Economics

Click here - Association of Home Economics Teachers


Physical Education - Physical Education Teachers' Association - Physical Education Association of Ireland (PEAI).

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