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1st Year Survey
Please complete all Qustions
What year are you in?

I am proud to be in the Ursuline?

Teachers explain things clearly for me in class?

Teachers encourage me to work to the best of my ability?

Teachers tell me how I can improve?

I enjoy going to my classes?

Teachers take notice of me and what I have to say?

Facilities in the school are good?

I feel safe and cared for in school?

I can talk to an adult in the school if i am having problems?

I get opportunities to work with other students in my classes?

We often use computers in classes?

I get on well with other students?

There is a good atmosphere in the school?

I understand the schools rules?

The behaviour of the students is good in the school?

I get regular homework in most subjects?

My work is checked regularly in school?

The school sends information home about my work?

I get good advice and information from teachers about subject choice?

I do other activities outside of class time?

I have a say in how to make the school a better place?

Students are treated fairly in school?

Attendance at class is checked regularly?

My classes begin on time?

I am expeted to use my journal to record homework?

I have very few free classes each week?

The school pays attention to drug and alcohol issues?

Bullying is dealt with well by the school?

My classes are interesting?

I am getting on well in my school work?

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